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Are You Interested in Run Thru Sash Horns?

Decorative RunThru Sash Horns are ideal for window installations where a nostalgic touch is required.

Option 1

The Upper Sash – The top hung casement provides a convenient and ready source of ventilation.

It can also be locked in a night ventilation position.

The Lower Sash – The lower sash is a Tilt and Turn window.

The top of the sash can be tilted slightly inwards for ventilation but it can also be turned 90° inwards for cleaning and, dependent upon size and position, be used for emergency escape.

run thru sash horns
run thru sash horns

Option 2

Complete Tilt & Turn Sash

This window was designed specifically for the householder who wanted top over fixed with RunThru horns, but actually had to have a ‘fire escape’ window.

To match the top over fixed windows a tilt and turn sash is fitted with a dummy sash with horns.

The result is a window that has ventilation under normal circumstances and the escape in white both sides.

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